Everything starts as somebody's daydream

This is the breaking point
the hours inbetween the old and the new
the present just in the middle of past and future.

Water snakes by Gustav Klimt

Soon on a wall near me!

/thoughts in the head are like
words under water

C'è il profumo della vita nel caffè


Inoculated against doubt

I felt calm, the kind of calm of knowing that whatever happened next,
in some strange way, I'd had to come to this place.
A point of no return. This place... real and imaginary.
Actual and about to be.

timeless metaphor

To boldly go..

We are so clever, looking back.
Seeing things with extreme clarity, judging ourselves and others equally harsh
but also forgetting so many of the errors we made in favor of the glamour of the past.
It always comes back to this. Past versus present.
But now it is all about the future and I am not used to it.
I am all about the futile hoping. I am shyly waiting around. I, the hopeless romantic.
But now I have to raise my glance, look to the future and step into it
I will, indeed, go confidently in the direction of my dreams.

Thoreau uses all the right words:
- How vain is it to sit down to write, when you have not stood up to live?-

Now is the time to live. This may not last, but this is now.
Forever is composed of nows.


When your life spins so fast, and every dream seems to come true..
sometimes you need to force yourself to feel all those old feelings again
just to know that you are the same person.

I don't believe in serendipity.
It's a word I like to use, but it's not for me.
Me, I'm a cynic, but a good-humoured one.
I firmly believe in zemblanity, but it has never prevented me from hoping.
Does this make me complex?

I lied when I said I want all complexity to be simple.
Or was that not me?
Mixed up between facts and fiction, fear and dream, love and imagination.
I think I am cured, but does that trap me or free me?
We try so hard to be understood that we end up enslaved to those do understand us.

I am not looking back, I just happen to remember
remember who I was, and who I am.
everyone you meet shatters you.
pick it up-put it down. The puzzles is altered.
Replace and erase, but nobody leaves your life unchanged.

Confusion creates opportunity
confusion is a beautiful twilight
limbo, dangerous middleground, a place to linger.
only to bounce you right back to real life.

If reality is a deception, I'm creating my own illusion.

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