desire and fireworks

Perhaps all romance is like that:
Not a contract between equal parties, but an explosion of dreams
and desires that can find no outlet in the every day life.
Only a drama will do and while the fireworks last
the sky is a different colour.

شعرشعر شعر شعر شعر شعر شعر شعر شعر شعر شعر شعر

Lately I have been thinking about definitions.
of labels; of right and wrong
and boundaries, property and ownership.
where do they all leave us?
how can you frame feelings into these institutions shaped by crude egoism?
Who can decide on the copyright of an emotion?
Should we have Global Authorities for this as well?


"He wrote on a piece of paper with his pencil,
Psychosis: out of touch with reality.
Since then I've been trying to find out what reality is,
so that I can touch it."

Reality is assumed to be something impossible to negotiate. We all see it, why question it?
You have a different opinion?- Stick it somewhere so that no one will notice!
If my reality seems to be different from is only because it is.
Mine runs in many directions, it touches the past and the future rather than lingering in the present.
Sometimes it races, indifferent to fortifying forces and obsolete obstacles,
to a place where it is beyond my control.
But, isn't reality always?

So let's agree to disagree.
I have my reality and you have yours.
Lately they keep colliding, they crash mercilessly into each other.
But sometimes they approach one another carefully
and they touch.
And for a second it is like we share the same reality.

... then it is gone.

the name of the game?

absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Or if you have a more cynical outlook on life; the value of a good responds to its scarsity.
Lately I am missing everyone,
so my heart imust be swollen inside with fondness.

but I can't help but wonder
if it is just a reflexive mechanism
what is the real value of it?
it all comes back to the same in the end
game theory.

Something which seems untouchable even for game theory
is friendship.
Whatever you try predict and strategically plan
when it comes to your friends
it won't work the way you thought it would.
Cause friendship is the real kind of love.
It takes the real kind of devotion.
Friendship is no game.

(here I could include a thousand and one more lines about another game but I won't. I won't play no more)


Sometimes they are all that stands between us and what we want.
the actual pronounciation of them can be crucial.
And where does that leave me?
So full of words that they bubble out of my mind, and spill onto pretty much everything.
Words in my mind, words on my walls, words in notebooks scattered all around me.

Too much language appearently leads to a deficit.
1+1 = 0?
Who would have thought that I would get lost
in an avalanche of words.
Unable to dig my way out.
Stuck deep underneath, waiting for spring.

love and life and cooking

I know my value.
I know that very often, the recipe cannot even be followed without my involvement.
It is just...
sometime I want to be the main ingredient.
not the secret, exotic spice added at the end to give the rest a better taste.

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