Reprise: rational vs emotional

'I think, therefore I am. Does that mean 'I feel, therefore I am not'? But only through feeling can I get at thinking. Those things that move me challenge me. Only a seismic shock can re-order the card index of habit, prejudice and other people's thoughts that I call my own.'

To be yourself in a world where....

Some people are precious.
Strong and solid on the outside, but fragile at the core.
Not sure if trusting someone is the strong or the weak thing to do.
Wishing life was more of a journey and less of a show.
That being yourself was courageous enough. And every time the right thing comes along, it turns out to be wrong.
Being a natural cynic, I admire these qualities.
To wish for the extraordinary, but to accept normalcy.
Maybe expecting the worst does not protect you, but trap you?
And being strong enough to believe in the good makes all the difference.
Some people remind you of yourself, Of how you are and what you could be.
Some people deserve the world.

Art is a line around your thoughts

L is for learning, i for irrevocable and f is for formidable.
E is for evolution.

I go through life as Theseus walked the labyrinth in search of the Minotaur.
Ignorant of what I will find, uncertain of the direction and cautious, but bold, in every step I take.
The unexpected turns are the most magnificent, significant.
And every time I meet a dead end, a black hole, nowhere...
there is always time to go back and take the other road, which leads me somewhere else.

Life is learning and learning about yourself is the most valuable schooling of all.
Some things are meant to be and others are just meant to have been.
I may not know now what this formidable life irrevocably will evolve into.

But I am finding the next step increasingly clear
and truer to myself.

the illogic of obsession

There isn't much space or time for real reflection and thought these days.
Sitting on my window sill I find myself having thoughts I wouldn't in any other place
Saturday mornings in the sunshine, or late at night when all is still.
It is the kind of thoughts I've long buried, repressed or just succeeded in forgetting.

But today I had a thought. No, I had many..
I replayed parts of my life over a cup of coffee. Spoke to myself as if I was speaking to him again.
I did not change the is engraved in me as it must be in him.
I did not change the meaning. What does that mean?

And I understood, perhaps, how powerful the feeling of importance is.
To be seen when others are rejected, to be heard when others are discarded for idiots
And to be accepted when all is complication, difficulty..why does nothing matter as much as that?
There's plenty of fish in the sea but I must be the only one you want to catch.

you can laugh only if you laugh at me
you can cry only if you cry for me
don't forget that you're condemned to me

Who said I'm obsessed with logic?

Lullaby for a stormy night

What are you; an unexploaded dream.
What am I, waiting to be exploited?
Waiting for whom, waiting for when..nobody knows.
Taking the midnight train anywhere leaves you somewhere, but is that the right place?

..I hear you are asking all around

if I am anywhere to be found... (link)

Are we all looking to be found? Or do we just want to be looked for?
6 billion people walking the earth trying to find and be found.
- What a terrible waste of time.
Yet this is what we do, this is the copper coil of desire that conducts our behavior.

But only what is lost can be found.
The togetherness we seek is the solitude we feel
But is it random? is it scientifically proven?
Can we escape it?

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