hope as resistance

I will not be their alibi / it will not be for me
when they wave their dark flags and send in the boots to march
And I will not stand in the crowd and yell -Outrageous! Catastrophe! Civilization Over!
Fear is ignorance masquerading as unassailable conviction.
Hyperboles will not be my ruin.
Instead I will feed this radical beast within me called hope
give it everything I have; anger, love and fierce precision 
hell, I'll get some it cookie dough ice-cream if it asks for it.
Hope is a function of struggle, of trial and error- of knowledge.
Hope is the opposite of naivité and defeat.
It is the result of having exhausted every impulse of scepticism and found no reason it should win.
I will not confuse tragedy with despair.
or wallpaper myself into a state of frenzy.
Camus asked us to find the few principles that will calm the infinite anguish of free souls.
Without giving up, without announcing the end of the world or fall into cynicism.
Superhuman is just a word for things we take a long time to accomplish. 
And in the end, all we can do is stand up and face the ocean
- even as the storm is approaching-
and know in our hearts that there will be calms seas and sunsets again.
So, when they yell their false litanies, 
when they scream foul play! and change all the rules.
my heart will resist and my mind will remain hopeful.

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