love.actually (not)

Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.
When you think about it; love is nothing but a social construction. Before the 17th century people did not even make the connection between love and marriage. Since then, Love has been creeping into all aspects of our society. Its norms and principles made explicitly clear in the avalanche of love songs, romantic comedies, harlequin novels and other cultural phenomena. These are artificial norms. Images of what love is supposed to be. How it is meant to happen and what we are supposed to behave like. It is all rubbish- fake!

Now, don't get me wrong. I am a romantic, I am looking for Love.
But I do not believe in the kind of love that follows the rules. The first date with dinner and a movie. The right moment to say "I love you". The sacrifice of one and the abuse of the other.

I believe in two people finding each other. Basic human instincts.
A connection, a spark- happieness. The feeling of being a better person together with somebody else.
There's really no need for definition. Love, relationship, companions...Why is not happieness enough?

Marriage is a way of binding two people to their promise of love. Should a promise be more important than happieness?
Is double misery the lesser evil because it is a keeping of a long-lost word?
The upholding of personal pride?

I believe in the pursuit of happieness. in being happy.
if this is with somebody else of by myself, so be it.
And may I have the sense and reason to appreciate it when I find it.
and not destroy it with my need to categorize it.


Don't lose your faith, don't run away
It's only life.

fuego de noche, nieve de día

Hot and Cold.
Past and Present.
Black and White.
Pure and Dirty.

Why is real life not made up of binary opposites?
Noo, instead we are doomed to travel in this world, cluelessly trying to grasp our reality.
Constantly asking ourselves what is right or wrong; what is good or bad without ever finding the answer.

Yes, let's accept that the only thing we know is that we know nothing. Where does that leave us?
If this is what our greatest thinker could come up with; what hope is there for us?!
What can we do, except stop searching for the universal truth and accepting our own Veritas?

More Peace & Love and less scientific experiments.
Why think it when we can feel it? Why explain it when we can live it?

On Connection, Compatibility and Complications (a.k.a LOVE)

After watching The Family Stone (which of course qualifies as hard evidence, as all other work done by Sarah Jessica Parker.....) I feel more than ever that the infamous connection hitherto referred to numerous times is more problematic than what is normally accepted.
Some people just immediately bring out the best in you. Kind of like putting their hands down your throat and literally pulling the potential out of you. And then you just shine together. These are the couples that everybody else hates. They are in perfect compatibility just because they are both fulfilling their destiny with the help of the other.

Others just find someone that accepts them.
Acception can really be a bad word. It means no demands, but also no room for improvement; no pressure to better oneself. These couples are the one that slide apart after some time; yearning to do all those things they once dreamed about doing, but never did. Simply cause nobody was there, nagging, pushing and encouraging. Instead they spent their days comfortably in front of their TV, telling each other what a great life they had. Until it was no longer true.

Now, I know things are not black or white. And there are loads of middle scenarios in this picture, but it's late, I am tired and frankly, it would undermine my analysis and conclusion.

So, not only must we find a person that we care for, like and possibly love. We must also make sure that person has somewhat reciprocal feelings towards ourselves. Thereafter it is advisable to invest the effect this person has on your own personality. Are you being your real self?Do you keep some sides hidden? Are you coming out of your shell?
While one person might bring out the dullest possible version of you; his best friend might be able to teach you how to follow the rainbow to find the treasure.

- Isn't it GRAND?

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