The poetic generation.

Oh, the woes of the interconnected world,
at once, excruciatingly fleeting and eternally, irrevocably permanent.  
We are documenting our lives to an extent hitherto unseen. 
Older generations are puzzled, at best.
'Why do you do it?' they ask, their faces barely hiding a smug smile.
Thinking back at the good old days when nobody second-guessed an emotion, 
when people worked without searching for their dreams, 
and everybody's privacy was impeccably private.
So, why do we do it?
Is it because we can? The technology is there, why not use it?
Can we somehow blame it on capitalism? (Some do, I am sure)
Does our generation simply lack the cultural ambitions of those before us?
Or is it because we can't really feel ourselves living?
Emily Dickinson had to feel her life with both her hands, just to make sure it was there.
Is this not what we are trying to do?
Sending out thoughts, messages, pictures; and waiting for them to resonate.
Waiting to feel that our lives are still there, somehow. Somewhere.
Does this make us the poetic generation?
- Probably.


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