the dark side

As a priori determined, Love is an act of sheer selfishness.  We tend to think of it as something humbling, something that creates altruistic beings who sacrifice their own happiness for others. But that is all a cover-up.

Love is about boosting your ego. It's about finding the perfect reflection of you mirrored in the face of somebody else. Love is thus pure narcissism. You fall in love with the constructed image of yourself, as seen by another person.

Of course, they don't write songs about that...

Now, jealousy is allegedly the dark side of love. The black sheep of the romantic family.

But once you realize the origin of love, jealousy is only the next logical step.

Jealousy is to Love what protectionism is to international trade:

Bad for Business, yet inevitable as sometimes it appears to be the only alternative.

Postat av: tako

im all up for the free trade!! :) in both senses!

2009-08-05 @ 20:59:56

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