(no) holes inside

when people say "It's like a dream come true",
I've always sighed on the inside in my cynical little bubble,
thinking slightly bitter thoughts to myself.

Now I find myself on the verge of a dream
knowing it will come true,
if only for a little while.
For two months I will get up in the morning, eat my breakfast, dress up
and go to work at the United Nations International Centre in Vienna.
No matter how many times I repeat it...
it doesn't seem to be real.

/if you hold tight
shadows will be lost in the light
cause sometimes
fate and your dreams may collide/

Postat av: Maddovich

Du ÄR grym!!

2009-07-22 @ 21:10:47
URL: http://www.mimmis.bloggproffs.se
Postat av: tako

hun, it is real and dont think its not ''life might be listening and give u less next time'' - Our good frien Paolo :)

2009-07-26 @ 15:41:56

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