my life as a cake?


when something is missing and you can't quite pinpoint it.
It is usually acceptance.
See, very often we do know deep down what things are like.
be they feelings, situations or reactions.
We just don't want to accept them.
- or worse- we simply cannot.

but sometimes the only way is to realize that things can't be pushed.
everything cannot be changed or triggered
we must accept them for the way they are.

This is what I mean with turning your Nowhere into Somewhere
even if I was not the one to write it first.
Jeanette Winterson may have had something different in mind all together
but I am sure she would agree that there is nothing
except for subjective interpretation.

the place where you are may not be the one you intended or originally whished for,
so you must see it for what it is and find out what you can do with it.
Use the essence and create something different.
If you can't get the whole cake,
- make sure you get a good bite out of it.

Postat av: Maddovich

Probably the best analogy i've ever heard! Mitt liv som kaka skulle förmodligen vara en morotskaka, nae, eller perhaps, kanelbullar.. Or, bara för att jag älskar någonting, betyder det att jag är detta ting? Jag älskar ju inte alltid mig själv...

2009-07-15 @ 16:09:20
Postat av: nenze

kunde jag ah læst detta vid rætt tidspunkt!

2009-07-22 @ 14:28:36

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