glazed and amused

How do people in tropical countries get anything done?
All my mind is capable of focusing on is 1) drinking 2) the heat.THE HEAT! 3) the will to take my clothes off
Now these things can be a problem if you work in an office with a dress-code in which the air condition is not working.
Luckily, mine is a beverage producing company, so drinks are never scarse.
But as for the rest, there is nothing to be done.

Now you might say I shouldnt be so swedish and complain about everything, which probably is true. When do we ever get heat and sunshine up here anyway? It just caught us off guard, that's all. And I dare not hope that we will have time to get used to it....

Seing as being away from my usual habitat seems to have brought me off my usual philosophical rut.
That is probably also due to the heat.
There simply is no energy left to fuel any kind of cerebral activity, let alone sentimentalism or games of the mind.
However, that does not mean I am not still thinking about them.
Just in a more dazed and confused manner of thinking.

Postat av: madäblän

ahhaha varför tror du det är så överbefolkat i alla tropiska länder!? Människor kan simply not keep the clothes on!

2009-07-01 @ 22:41:26
Postat av: tako

Sophia, i think u swedes complain so much about no sun and cold that now u are experienceing those heats to appreciate beautiful awesome swedish perfect nature and natural conditions!!!! :)

2009-07-02 @ 13:26:35
Postat av: nenze

har du gått føbi GLAZED and amused butiken?

2009-07-03 @ 09:56:37

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