a moral paradox

It is easier to pin-point the faults of others than to realize your own involvement in fishy business. Still, sometimes there's no more enjoyable thing than to judge others and bathe in self-righteousness, at least for a little while.
However, I have come to realize that no matter how much I despise the moral deficit that rules our capitalistic society, where everything is up for grabs for the highest bidder and size and appearance are all that matters.....Yes, I have come to realize that I am, myself, a part of this moral downfall. A puppet on a string in a marionette-show starring today's young and restless.

What do to?
When I can no longer justify myself by putting me in opposition to the ones I resent. What is there to do?
When my own happiness and good fortune increasingly depend on others breaking the traditional social norms and lowering themselves to levels that I pride myself I will never stoop to.
Yes, I do like paradoxicality. But I woud rather not get stuck inside of the paradox itself.
It's a spiral with no exit.
At least not one that will allow me to leave with my dignity intact.


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