distraction from inappropriateness


You are here, but are you the one to remember?

foxy christmas

the C-words of Today (not the one you think)

Climate Conference Collapse
Capitalism versus Socialism (but is it not always?)
Christmas cookies
Chavez challenging Obama
Chocolate, at least 150 g.
Cold, cold casa
Cat cuddling close to me :)

Aiming low and falling high

I hate when people say "you deserve better".
How would you be able to do better,
when you can't even get the thing that- following their theory- would be worse?
It is completely illogical.
Makes as much sense as if I would fail to solve 2+2
and someone told me "don't worry, you can calculate this one instead"
and gave me 23457,4+34,6-5 x 78


- A broken heart? He jokes.
Where would the pieces fly?
But it isn't funny.
It's a dangerous game when so many words
have come to mean something else.
As previously stated, A single metaphor can give birth to love.

post-pseudo-possible (?)


I want to be patient.

But it is so steep where I am standing.

and if I fall and nobody is there to catch me

The jump will be fatal.

Shadowy Limbo

Today I have been thinking about attitudes;
about life approaches;
and about courage and cowardice.

What are they?
Is cowardice knowing what you should do, without the strenght to do it?
Is it then connected to the concept of right and wrong?
Or, is courage the ability to follow your instincts, even when you think you should not?
Does the outcome define the concept?
Is it all about selfishness versus altruism?


if being a coward causes you more disturbance
how is that the easiest way out?
And why should you be strong
if it will only lead you further onto the road of despair?

all the best words start with D.

et le renard dit..

It's as if I'd exhausted my vocabulary
and believe me;
that's a serious matter.
I've still got my thoughts
but they are still not Edible
so, no change there.

New beginnings are getting old.
Old is the new New.
I am getting old...nothing new about that.

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