hope as resistance

I will not be their alibi / it will not be for me
that they wave their dark flags and send in the boots to march
I will not stand in the crowd and yell Doom! Apocalypse! Civilization Over!
Fear is ignorance masquerading as unshakeable conviction.
Hyperboles will not be my ruin.
Instead I will feed this radical beast within me called hope
give it everything I have; anger, love, unconditional trust, false confidence. 
hell, I'll give it cookie dough ice-cream if it craves it.
Hope is a function of struggle,
it is knowledge,
the stubborn desire to juggle
trial, error and not the sort of thing you learn in college
Hope is the opposite of naivité and defeat.
A result of exhausting every impulse of scepticism and finding no reason it should beat
I will not confuse tragedy with despair.
I will not wallpaper myself into a armchair.
We do have the tools to calm the infinite anguish of the soul
Superhuman is another word for 'taking a really long time to dig yourself out of a black hole'

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