Never underestimate a peacock feather.

I read in the papers that giant frozen waves have been spotted off the coast of Nantucket. 
Colder than water, softer than ice; the waves kept rolling in.
Defying density. Just barely breaking.
Breathing unevenly, I tell myself to get a grip.
This is not a car crash, not an unfortunate parachute landing, or a piano dropped from the 3rd floor. 
This is not the moment when all my weaknessess break me.
- Hey, I say, and instead of meeting your eyes I move on. Barely breaking.
Like those frozen waves off the Nantucket coastline.
But the storm in my chest.
Experience concludeth nothing universally.
But then this.
The light trickles down the neck of a stranger,
plays on his skin and slides over my heart. Lightly, like peacock feathers
It jumps off the pages of my favourite book and back up in the sky.
And if you crossed the street right next to me, I might be able to just smile and keep on going.
One of those days, when elation comes effortlessly and walking on water seems possible, if not probable.
So, despite this inner turmoil and all my outer insecurities.
In the face of such piercingly beautiful bliss that can only be intentional.
I'll be standing on the shoreline.

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